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Dmexco 2017: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Which Is The Best Trend Of Them All?

Anaïs Ferrández Vilches

13 September 2017

Dmexco 2017 Köln is celebrating the new edition in the German city the next couple of days (13, 14 September). As it does every year, Dmexco mobilizes the latest news and trends of the sector.

This is the meeting place for makers and shakers, visionaries, marketing and media professionals, techies and creative thinkers. Some general trends appear to rise at the fair:

1. The Data-Driven Talent Shortage

Even if data-driven marketing has been an important subject the last Dmexcos, this trend is heating up! Data technologies are exploding and there are more and more ways companies can use data to improve their businesses. Data is complex and constantly changing which means teams with more than just experience. The talent hidden behind data is decisive.

2. AI Is Going To Turn Online Marketing Upside Down

In the same way as digitalization had an immense impact on media planning, forecasts indicate the extent of intelligence exhibited by machines. Boundaries are pushed by AI composing music, posting on social media or writing scripts. Users tend to pay attention to ads reflecting their interests even if those brands or websites are unknown. AI will definitely influence (pretty much) everything.

3. One Campaign, 100 Different Videos?

In these days, no marketer can ignore this huge trend in marketing. Of course, programmatic advertising was going to be (again) a main topic at Dmexco. Since it hatched a few years ago, programmatic advertising had a real growth spurt: it can target users individually and personalize adverts. Leaning on this advertising formula, brands are in position to create multiple variants of the same advert.

4. Ad Security

Cyberattacks like WannaCry or Peyta have reinforced the threat cybercriminals pose to large corporations, publishers, advertisers and ad tech companies too. The industry is desperately searching for technologies to prevent future attacks and protect both brands and consumers with the most cutting-edge ad verification.

5. Trend Format In-Feed

In-feed based websites enjoy great popularity as they cover and simplify mobile use. The use of mobile devices has increased rapidly and has illustrated the need for a user-friendly ad format. In-feed matches the content of a page in form and behavior and blends in seamlessly. Like this, publishers and advertisers benefit from this native format (whereas higher visibility, publishers benefit from higher CPM).


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