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Infographic: Which future for the Interstitial?

Julien Carpentier

21 September 2017

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Infographic: Which future for the Interstitial?

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Known as an impactful mobile ad format that increases brand memorization, interstitial is also controversial because of its intrusive nature in the user’s surftrack, and regularly denied of its actual efficiency.

Tradelab and Smart released an infography on the present and future of interstitial, compared to other ad formats that are available today. Here are some of the key takeaways this infography offers :


  • Interstitial is an overused advertising format
  • Its invasive nature is harming its actual efficiency
  • More efficient and respectful formats are available, and bring better results

The future of mobile ad seems to belong to new formats that better respect the user’s surftrack, and combine efficiency, respect and innovation. Interstitial itself may well have a part to play in this future if it offers a renewed and enriched user experience, in keeping with the mobile device as current richmedia formats do.