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Mobile World Congress: Not Everything Is About Phones

Anaïs Ferrández Vilches

3 April 2019

This year’s Intelligent Connectivity edition displayed ideas fueled with the latest Asian technological power. From February 25th to the 28th, Barcelona boasted about the utterly of smartphone models and the newest innovations in artificial intelligence technology and gadgets… And it wasn’t wrong! This year, the event concluded with attendance breaking records.

Every consumer is adopting new technologies – personally and professionally. In the last five years, companies have even tripled their investments in Artificial Intelligence, and, thanks to this, they have the power to change the way business is created. If there is anything MWC can prove, it’s that technological advances will continue to open doors to new possibilities and provide life-changing tools at our fingertips.

The Holy Grail: foldable smartphones

Flexible screens were shouting out for attention and finally, someone heard them. No one could deny the excitement of seeing a foldable phone for the first time and be amazed by how it functions. For years, many mobile phone manufacturers were criticized for their lack of creativity, but nobody questions that this expensive innovation is definitely their blue-eyed boy. Companies such as Samsung, LG and Huawei exhibited their latest models. Samsung’s hybrid device was present: it can change from a pocket-sized smartphone of 4,6 inches to a 7,3 inches screen tablet. This sci-fi element is already a reality and can fit in any pocket (or the ones able to afford it).

Cybersecurity takes a greater relevance

There is so much work to be done before mobile devices, and all this IoT world which surrounds it, will become part of a secure environment. Users nowadays no longer worry about the cybersecurity of their computers, but their smartphones. For a long time, users forgot about the solutions companies could offer even if they were bringing their normal desktop habits onto the mobile environment.

But according to Kaspersky on MWC, now we should even be careful with bionic extensions. Hackers are targeting into prosthesis! Like many devices, these extensions should be checked for vulnerabilities.

The 5G never-ending story

5G technology has been the queen at previous editions of the MWC with so many companies showing their first compatible devices. As said during MWC, this innovation could also improve so many sectors such as the health industry, guiding in real time a surgeon in another time zone, and drones with temperature sensors in order to detect, prevent and extinguish conflagrations.

5G technology can even change the tourist experience with rich and interactive contents or even direct robots in industrial environments. It looks like it’s going to take a few years before “up to 5G” will reach its potential power. This technology is not expected to develop in Europe until 2026.

Long live the batteries!

Everyone at some point in their life has felt the frustration of running out of battery. We have also thought about having a cell phone with a battery that lasts a week long. That’s why Energizer’s Power Max P18K Pop landed on the MWC 2019, with the mission to eradicate the fear to the black screen. The battery has reagent lithium, which could explode… Not often in the history of cell phones but it could. However, it is designed to be safe, replacing the liquid in batteries with something solid, increasing capacity with its reduced size.

Augmented Reality: HoloLens 2 brings the power

Microsoft announced in 2017 that they were working on the second version of its holographic glasses integrating artificial intelligence functions. This headset recognizes the user via an iris recognition system and incorporates three innovations: a display area that is twice as large, improved ergonomics (it is three times more comfortable to wear) and a hand-tracking with natural voice control.


This opinion column was originally published on on April 3rd, 2019.  Click here to read the whole text.