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Why you have been targeted?

Targeting cookies

Tradelab is working hard to enrich your navigation experience by providing you with advertisements that may be of interest to you. For this purpose, we use cookies, which are files that store a small amount of information that can be exchanged with your computer.

Our cookie allows us to know:

  • the content of the webpages you visit,
  • the information that you decide to share when you register on different sites or sign up for different services,
  • the webpages that you have visited recently.

This enables us to share advertisements with you that match your interests and are more relevant to your life.

For more information on how behavioral advertising works as well as on these cookies, we recommend you visit the following site.

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Protecting your privacy

With a view to protecting your privacy and your anonymity, Tradelab is committed to strictly abiding by the two following principles:

  • We ensure that your cookie does not contain any personal information that would allow you to be identified unless we have received your express agreement.
  • We ensure that your cookie does not contain any sensitive data (relating to your ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, and health status, etc.) unless we have received your express agreement. In addition, we do not store any IP address, however we may process them in the media buying (without storing them).

Tradelab is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB and works alongside these key players to promote the implementation of a regulation framework designed to ensure greater transparency and better control over practices relating to the dissemination of advertisements on the internet.

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Should you no longer wish to see these personalized ads

You can deactivate them definitively. To do so, please Click Here.

This unsubscription only applies to advertisements disseminated by Tradelab and not to those disseminated by companies unrelated to Tradelab.

Note: This opt-out requires a “non-targeting” cookie to be installed on your web navigator. This allows us to recognize you as an unsubscribed web-user. If ever you should delete these cookies from your computer, then we would no longer know that you opted not to receive such advertisements. You will have to unsubscribe for a second time if you remove the cookie from your navigator, or if you use a different navigator—or computer—to connect to the Internet.

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