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Once your prospect or customer identified, follow it on its clickstream, throughout its conversion funnel, with personalized messages step by step

Our method

Users' retargeting via individualized scoring (web pages visited, frequency and recency of visits, visiting hours, etc.). When advancing in the conversion tunnel, the audience is increasingly segmented, with the most suitable bidding price and an adapted message depending on the user's profile and the support where we find him.

An individualized and mastered capping without compromising control of broadcast domains.


Our technologies

Technological pioneer player in pragrammatique media buying, Tradelab offers its clients a suite of powerful, unique and customizable tools.

Data optimisation platform

Collection, unification and modeling platform of 1st and 3rd party data, for behavior advertising purposes

Ad viewability

Proprietary ad exposure efficacy tool connected to our purchase algorithms

Real time dashboard

Access 24h a day your campaign performances in real time via a dynamic and fully transparent interface

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Customizing your ads in real time, based on your product and your prospects tops profile

Reporting and support

Consulting, training, coaching, each client has a dedicated and expert team.


Targeting your audience on a defined area: physical point of sale, department, etc. you set the rules


Display, mobile and video, Tradelab personalizes your message on all screens

Fraud Protection

Double protection technology: seller level and click level to secure distribution

Brand safety

Careful pages and apps selection and distribution, together with the advertiser and its objectives

Exclusive data

109 million skilled and unique profiles, collected via a set of proprietary sites and partners