E-Commerce Paris Fair: 3 workshops and 1 amazing booth

E-Commerce Fair, Paris
From September 21 to 23, Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 1
Booth P 045

What to expect ?
1 lovely, flashy, gorgeous booth, Fresh pints
and 3 workshops that you cannot afford to miss

Challenging traditional allocation models and estimate the real value of campaigns for advertisers – supported with Brandalley’s feedback

09/21/2015 – from 11.30 am to12.15 pm – Room 10

Workshop dedicated to the analysis of the impact of a display campaign and its ability to create incremental value for a brand. Advertiser and programmatic buyer are here sharing their insight on the basics of advertising theory at the heart of the advertiser problematic, in order to allow digital advertising to regain its service providing role.

Sebastien Robles, Marketing & Communication Director, Brandalley
Hadrien de Nijs, Head of Data Analysis, Tradelab


Programmatic Buying: How to identify the best active profiles and what are the evaluation models of the acquisition of qualified traffic – told by Club Med

09/21/2015 – from 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm – Room 11

Programmatic campaign feedback with Pierre Ferrier, Online Acquisition Manager of Club Med, Yohann Dupasquier, CEO of Tradelab and Benoît Coucke, Media Trader/Data Analyst. During this workshop, advertiser and programmatic player are offering you a feedback on the performance of their programmatic campaign strategies, the role of the humain (vs. technology) and the outcome of this collaboration. Program: audience targeting, performance assessment models and the importance of integrating the learnings as part of a programmatic strategy.

Pierre Ferrier, Online Acquisition Manager, Club Med
Benoît Coucke, Media Trader/Data Analyst, Tradelab
Yohann Dupasquier, CEO, Tradelab


Programmatic buying and performance, discover Euromaster’s campaign feedback alongside his Media Trader

09/22/09/2015 – from 11.30 am to 12.15 pm – Room 10

During this workshop co-presented by Euromaster, a subsidiary of the Michelin Group, and Tradelab, programmatic platform, discover how a major tire and auto service distributor uses programmatic media buying to support its sales, while securing its brand image without abandoning respect for the user.

Romain Perri, Digital Acquisition & Retention Europe, Euromaster
Domitille de Vial, Media Trader, Tradelab
Yohann Dupasquier, CEO, Tradelab

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