Data-Driven Solutions for Marketers I

Data-Driven Solutions for Marketers

Tradelab, the technology suite of digital partner Jellyfish, brings together the group's global strength in technological innovation, and offers brands the tools to increase the value of their marketing actions and gain autonomy in the management of their data.

Thanks to its expertise, the Tradelab Suite improves the efficiency, quality and intelligence of the media, data and creative levers by developing solutions that enrich technology stacks.

Jellyfish helps you take back control of your Marketing efforts through data solutions

Throughout our 30 international offices and 1,200 employees, we support Marketers in their decision-making through the intelligent and integrated use of their data on all activation levers.

Adopting a Marketing data-driven approach increases the ability to make better decisions at a high frequency. The Jellyfish Group, powered by the Tradelab technology suite, offers to advertisers and their agencies its expertise, know-how, and technologies to help them reach a level of maturity that ensures their business growth.

Up to 30% extra turnover

20% overall cost reduction

Marina MILOJEVIC, Traffic Director, Orange

"Breaking our silos involved juggling with several brands to create more value for Orange and our communication, to provide our clients with the right offer at the right moment. Tradelab's in-depth understanding of data and technological capabilities are key assets to adapt the message to the audience throughout their user journey, and respond as best as possible to the needs of our clients by presenting offers that are inline with our business objectives "

Winning Marketing strategies are built with scientific methods

"We have built products with real experts to take back control of the tools we have selected. We stopped considering our provider as such, but as a collaborator that helps us to build and to win"

Consulting & data-driven solutions

The Tradelab Suite powers the multi-channel offer of digital partner Jellyfish by increasing the value of technology stacks to make them more efficient on specific issues, through expertise, technology, and data. Composed of 300 engineers, 25% of our worldwide staff is dedicated to technological creation.

Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce ; all these platforms are known because of their efficiency and audiences. Tradelab is committed to converging these technologies to produce a unique incremental value for each platform.

Our business

We increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts

The Tradelab suite makes the best use of the power of technological solutions on the market. A unique approach to consolidate your method and ensure the optimal distribution of your marketing efforts.

We transform our clients' Digital Marketing strategy into a consolidated, coherent, and optimized multi-channel approach.

Efficient stack deployment

  • Google's leading global partner
  • Facebook Marketing Partner
  • Amazon Global Selling Partner
  • Salesforce Partner
  •  Xandr Partner

Technological Solutions

  • Advanced Display tech assets
  • Smart SEA optimizer
  • Optics Creative Intelligence
  • Reeport custom dashboarding
  • 300 dedicated engineers

Data & Insights

  • Predictive modeling
  • Data Management
  • Reporting and Data visualization
  • In-deep multi-layers analysis

Strategy & Transformation

  • Jellyfish IQ 1.0
  • Strategic Planning
  • GCP Data Workshops
  • Consulting and monitoring

Empower your skills

  • Multi-channel certifying program
  • Business immersion mornings
  • Certified training organization
  • Virtual and face-to-face classes

A global footprint

Following the Fimalac Group investment in November 2019 in the digital leader Jellyfish, Google's first global partner, Tradelab's technologies and expertise have been brought to an international scale.

Through this new union, the brands now benefit from the expertise of a global data-driven partner, organised on a unique model of decentralised network and governance of 1200 data, creative, analytical, paid and owned media experts, spread over 17 countries and 4 continents.


Global Experts


R&D devoted staff


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